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Colorful borders along the page edges shows which chapter you're in, without you having to stop & look at the bottom text to tell. This little system really helps find recipes quickly!

Every recipe has a full-color photo of the dish.

Photos contain little props here & there to help make it feel like you're in Stars Hollow. So a recipe from Luke's will include a photo that feels a little like Luke's.

Each recipe page includes an icon at the top indicating who the dish is attributed to: Sookie, Al's, Weston's, Taylor's, Luke's, etc.

A TV icon at the bottom of each recipe indicates which episode included the dish. For example, the TV on the page for Homemade Mallomars says, "S3:E18".

Each recipe gets introduced with a little blurb talking about the town & characters we love, reminisces over storylines, and helps the reader relive funny, or loving, or sad moments from the show.

Every aspect of this book is designed to bring a little Stars Hollow magic into your home.

An Introduction to Daily Cravings

Eat Like A Gilmore

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Now there are TWO unofficial Gilmore Girls Cookbooks

That's right! Now there are TWO Cookbooks to choose from

- Eat Like A Gilmore & Daily Cravings -

for fans who really "get" Gilmore Girls.

You've seen every episode, too many times to count. You've started eating in diners. You dream about living in a small town in Connecticut - one with a gazebo. Now you're wondering how else you can add a little Stars Hollow magic into your life. 

This is how: Eat Like A Gilmore & Daily Cravings

These unofficial cookbooks are the best sources for recipes for the foods you crave. Each book contains more than 100 recipes to make foods from the Gilmore Girls series. Plus, each recipe revisits a little memory from the show. 

What can you create with the cookbooks?

  • Baby and Bridal Shower Menus

  • Movie Night Spread

  • Holiday Feast

  • Fancy Dinners ala Emily's

  • Hangover Remedies

  • plus so much more

Would you like a signed copy for yourself or to give as a gift? Order now and get your book(s) signed by the author, at no additional charge!



I would recommend this cookbook for any Gilmore Girl - Girl or Boy! A Must! Absolutely fabulous recipes that will definitely make you feel like you're eating like a Gilmore Girl!

C. Stout

The binding, the photography, the pages... it's just all so gorgeous. Every recipe I could think of while watching the show, it's in here.


Fantastic book! All recipes I've tried have been delicious so far.


I was really impressed by the attention to detail and how each recipe has a story and connection to the show.


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